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The Manifesto

A bachelorette party is similar to what you’d say about Las Vegas, Mexico, or anywhere else you’re doing something you don’t want others to know about…What happens there stays there. You want to keep people thinking you’re a classy lady with strong morals and are definitely not dancing on a trolley pole to “Back Dat Ass Up”. I’ll continue with that tradition because it’s one of the best parts of being a bachelorette. Keep Reading

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Let’s acknowledge Joel & I are 26 days away from Becoming the Bodes by sharing our wedding moodboard! Now’s not the time to admit I stewed over this longer than I did my dress because the challenge today is only having 20-min. to talk about the moodboard.

This is a good limit to discuss wedding details at this point. Keep Reading


Today is my birthday. I am 26.

I woke up to balloons on the ceiling, sunflowers on my dresser, and an inflatable flamingo on my floor. Her name is Fran, and she’ll be accompanying me to my Bachelorette beach day tomorrow. Joel put them there yesterday with the best bacon card a girl could ask for before heading north for his Bachelor weekend because he is the most thoughtful person I know. Keep Reading


We had a slow Sunday. Slept in, eventually found the coffee. We took up the same space but held it differently.

It was midday when we discovered a few inches of water covering our basement floor. Clothes and cardboard drowned in last night’s storms. In a moment, we held a different space in the same way; strained, frustrated, action-mode. This wasn’t the “getting on the water as soon as we can” we had planned for today. Keep Reading