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The Manifesto

Last Sunday I was dead set on cleaning our yard for fall. With the past year being everything about our wedding, it was refreshing to focus on the leaf piles, trimming the bushes, picking up soggy pumpkins.

Soggy pumpkins: compost pile.
Leaf piles: fire pit.

Branches from spring, a lone leaf bag that hasn’t moved for months, and beer boxes from summer nights also went into the fire. Like a period at the end of the sentence that makes room for the next thought to solidify, this Sunday bonfire was releasing the past to make room for us and our new dreams. Keep Reading


Truth is, I don’t have a life like the one’s I see on my Instagram feed and aspire to have.

I am not a #ladyboss.

I don’t run my own anything (dishwasher, yes. company, no.).

I’m not at home writing in the morning and cuddling my adorable baby in the afternoon (my wish, yes).

We’re not building our dream home with wraparound porch and view of the water (soon Joel, soon). Keep Reading

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A bachelorette party is similar to what you’d say about Las Vegas, Mexico, or anywhere else you’re doing something you don’t want others to know about…What happens there stays there. You want to keep people thinking you’re a classy lady with strong morals and are definitely not dancing on a trolley pole to “Back Dat Ass Up”. I’ll continue with that tradition because it’s one of the best parts of being a bachelorette. Keep Reading

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Let’s acknowledge Joel & I are 26 days away from Becoming the Bodes by sharing our wedding moodboard! Now’s not the time to admit I stewed over this longer than I did my dress because the challenge today is only having 20-min. to talk about the moodboard.

This is a good limit to discuss wedding details at this point. Keep Reading